B.lack E.xcellence Team

"Excellence Is Black"~J.B






 Technical Manager~Jonathan D. Brown

About Him: Jonathan is currently attends Michigan State University on the Pre Medical track, he is currently majoring in Biosystems engineering, although he is not sure if plans to keep this major, he knows that he wants to help others with his knowledge and soon to be expertise in the field. Jonathan met Alton way back in elementary school know as FLICS. While both of them were in two different languages, they often became inseparable, despite Jonathan being called a "nerd" for his love Japanese anime. Alton always saw past that and knew that Jonathan was great beyond measures. Almost a decade later, Jonathan and Alton are still inseparable. once hearing about the company starting up, Jonathan was eager to get involved;  adding his creativitive aspect to the company, and trying to introduce new ideas to set the company apart from other brands. Jonathan believes that B.E. has the power to become bigger than any other social enterprise and make a huge impact in community. Jonathan often says "Excellence is Black..."


Public Relations Chair




 Public Relations Chair~ Devin T. Mckinney

About Him: Devin McKinney attends Michigan State University where he is majoring in computer engineering. Devin met Alton back in High School and became the best of friends; he has always had a sense of fashion since they met; Devin saw the uprising of B.E. and he jumped to join and help promote this brand to bigger and better things. Devin believes that B.lack E.xcellence will help achieve the goal of bringing out confidence in the black community on campus. With his love for fashion and experience in social media and photography, Devin became the  Public Relations Chair for the company and is doing a  phenomenal job at it. As Devin always says, "B.E. will to change the world and give it style along the way." 


Marketing Manager





 Marketing Manager~ Richard T. Winston

About Him: Richard Winston attends Michigan State University, with his major in business. Him and Alton have been close friends for years, similar to Alton, Richard has played many sports but often was very quiet in school. Richard is highly intelligent, receiving a 4.8 GPA his senior year in high school, full tuition scholarship for MSU, and making it on the deans list his 1st year in college! Richard is a very positive and loving individual; therefore he wanted to be apart of the company to continue in spreading the message of positivity and love back into the community . He knows that B.E. has a bright future ahead of itself. He believes wholeheartedly that MSU and many more will be dressed in B.lack E.xcellence apparel soon. Richard often says "Make Black Excellent Again."


 Founder/President~ Alton B. Kirksey

About Him: Alton Bryce Kirksey attends Michigan State University studying Kinesiology with a minor in Health Promotion. Alton hopes to become an Athletic Trainer for the NBA while owning his own chain of gyms and community centers in urban areas. Alton started the company to give those people who deal with insecurities such as low self-esteem, lack of pride, etc. Alton believes that this brand's sole purpose is to Uplift, Empower, and build pride in one's self to anyone in the community. Alton sees the B.E. becoming self sufficient to where that all of the profits go towards starting and opening his first gym and community center in Detroit, MI. Alton lives by one quote and it goes "Be the change you wish to see in the world"~ Mahatma Gandhi.